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Without this, your team will not be considered for the further shortlisting process.

Train tickets upto the sleeper class (non tatkaal) will be reimbursed & free accommodation will be provided in the college hostels to all the selected teams.

A team should have exactly 3 members & all the members should be from the same Institute.

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Presenting Central India’s largest computer science event, Codeutsava 2.0. It will be a two-day event comprising of expert talks and a 28-hour hackathon in the first weekend of February 2018. It aims at reaching out to the finest programmers and designers across India to transform their creative ideas into real working stuff and to benefit the technical community with exposure to newer technologies, current trends in the tech industry and the competition in this field.

CodeUtsava 1.0 was a huge success & students from various colleges all over the country had participated. Held at February 4th-5th, there were 500+ registrations & 40+ teams in the onsite hackathon held at National Institute of Technology, Raipur. A series of workshops by distinguished personalities from various organisations like Facebook, Apple etc. were held.

With that spirit, CodeUtsava 2.0 and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in an interesting and engaging hackathon. The products will be revolving around some themes, which will be revealed shortly.

Please check the "Rules" tab for more details.

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*Problem statements from various Government Authorities have been added. Remaining problem(s) will be added soon. Please take a look at the updated statements. *


Hacks in any theme also belong to General.

Healthcare - Disability Detection App

Here are the problems which the health & social welfare department are up to right now -

  1. No system for early identification of disability.
  2. Lack of tool for objective evaluation of percentage of disability in a person.
  3. Lack of coordination between medical board and Social Welfare department

We need an app which has a set of questions, by answering which early identification of disabili...

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Customers are increasingly becoming online so are banks but we are still a long way from delivering a great online experience in banking. Today, customers are interacting with their money in different ways. Can the non banking community solve these challenges?


Humans, around the world, commute millions of miles every single day. A significant fraction of our day is spent in traveling. Technology has played a very significant role in enabling more people to commute. Be it in the form discovery, aggregation or purchase, technology has redefined the way we commute. Imagine how technology can human experience even better in day to day transportation and com...

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Internet of Things

A world of devices connected by internet opens up opportunities for us that were previously unthinkable. The fact that devices can now be connected to each other, share data and take intelligent decisions by talking to other devices can disrupt the way we interact with our surroundings. Build applications on Internet of Things that help us improve our experience in our day to day life.

Safe Water & Sanitation Facilities - WSSO

With the vision of Safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for all, at door step, at all times, WSSO intends to design and develop a state-of the art dynamic web-portal and an android app (optional). This will serve to both the administrative staff of WSSO and common people. The web-portal will be as per the information made available by WSSO. This will provide a communication pathway for th...

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Know Your Scheme

Target Beneficiaries being missed out and a lot of time is taken finding out the beneficiaries. At any point in time departments are not sure of the schemes and services that a person should be benefited with. For eg If the health dept has list of 100 pregnant women today they should know which all schemes and services she can enroll into.


App should give list of all schemes that eac...

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Improve Public sanitation facilities by reviewing/rating them

Create an app that maps all public toilets on Raipur (Chhattisgarh) on google maps and also has a profile for each public sanitation location. People should be able to review the toilets and that information should be available publicly. Utilize google maps for mapping. People can check-in, rate, review, submit feedback, etc. Also, the app should allow the star rating of public toilets and let use...

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Agriculture Product Delivery

Like online shopping, now the farmers will be able to order farming related items(tools,equipments, raw materials etc) while sitting at their homes and get their orders delivered directly to their home and without having to pay any extra charges for this. NACOF, the world's largest fertilizer co-operative, announced today that it will start the service to reach the farmhouse. NACOF will deliver it...

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Prizes INR Worth 1,00,000+ in prizes

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Winner Team
INR 30,000 (Cash) + Goodies
1st Runner-up Team
INR 21,000 (Cash) + Goodies
2nd Runner-up Team
INR 15,000 (Cash) + Goodies
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Feb 03, 2018, 12:30 AM CDT
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